When considering what it takes to make a house a home you can’t forget about the non-human members of your family! Your pets need to have their own space too and by creating areas for their needs and items not only will you have a much more organised home but there will be no excuse for every human member of the family to chip in with pet care.

Make a Grooming Station

Furry friends like dogs, cats and even rabbits all require frequent brushing to keep their coats in good condition. Not only does regular grooming prevent any hair tangles or matting it is an important bonding exercise for you and your animal and can also help spot any health problems as they develop. Creating a dedicated area for brushing your fur baby will help keep loose animal hair in the rest of the house to a minimum as well as making it an easy chore to accomplish: not so if you have to find space for grooming. A table and chest of drawers can easily be repurposed into a grooming station and if your animals are on the smaller side a babies chasing table with storage drawers may make the ideal set up for you. You will want to have any brushes and combs you need close to hand as well as distractions for your animal, be it toys, treats or a favourite blanket. Use any left over space as storage for leashes, toys and feeding supplies.

Play time

Keeping your pet entertained is essential to their wellbeing. For cats this means providing them with a number of different hidey holes to take advantage of as well as multiple different levels for them to explore. Many cats feel safer when they have a high vantage point to retreat to while others may just want to a warm spot atop a radiator. There is no shortage of cat trees and climbing apparatus available on the market, when looking for the perfect one for your cat you will want to fist make sure that the size is a good fit for your pet. Pictures can often be deceptive so check the measurements of any cat trees you are intending to purchase to ensure that your kitty can fit into the different areas and it can take the weight of you animal as well. When you get it home double check that all the pieces of it are securely held together and there are no nails or fasteners sticking out or through any pie of it that could potentially harm your animal.

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