Bedrooms are special places where we recharge and rest, they are different from the rest of the house and should be treated as such.  The emphasis should be on creating an atmosphere that is conducive to getting you to fall asleep easily and quickly and allow you to wake up refreshed. There is often the temptation to make your bedroom into a mini living room, perhaps with a TV, and a games console. A sleep expert recently said that in order to get the best sleep form your bedroom should be reserved for two things only: the place where you sleep and the place where you have sex! If you have trouble falling asleep take stock of all the activities you do in your bedroom and try and find another spot to do things like work, read and watch TV. You want your brain to be preparing to go to sleep when it is in your bedroom instead of associating it with being awake and active.

Light sources

Have you ever gotten nice and comfortable in bed, almost to the point of dozing off, only to come to the grim realisation that you haven’t turned the light off and now need to get up out of your warm cosy bed to do just that?! It inevitably seems that by the time you return to bed you have lost an element of that sleepiness and need to get comfy and relaxed all over again. A bedside lamp that can be turned off from the comfort of your bed is an ideal solution. A smaller light can also help create a more relaxing glow in your room compared to a harsher ceiling light.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Having a place for the detritus that can easily accumulate in your bedroom to go will create a much more relaxed environment in your room.  A laundry basket seems like an obvious suggestion, but you would be surprised with how often clothes are scattered on chairs or the floor rather than being put away. A messy feel in the bedroom can easily lead to feeling unsettled and stressed at night so try and have a set place for items to go and make tidying up your room part of the bedtime routine.

A comfortable place to lay your head

Experts recommend that you replace you mattress at least every ten years, but if you are align problems sleeping you may want to consider replacing your mattress after only five to seven years. There are a huge variety of different types of mattresses to try out from pocket sprung and coil sprung to latex foam and memory foam. You should also take your bed frame into account, an uncomfortable frame or one the squeals and squeaks can quickly cause sleepless nights. Lastly, don’t forget about your pillows! Pillows should be changed out about every 6 months, or for fancier memory foam pillows every 18 months or so. Changing out your pillow case every week will help prevent pimples from the oil that gets transferred from you face to the pillowcase each night.

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