Your home is filled with all sorts of different items and the more family member you have the more the dreaded ‘stuff’ will pile up. While some people see clutter as having a cozy and lived in feel it can easily become overwhelming and make you dread entering your house or moving through certain rooms. Read on for our two favourite storage solutions that wont break the bank or require a major redevelopment of your home. Most of these fixes can be implemented fairly quickly either by using repurposed household items or with a quick trip to your local home goods shop.

Junk baskets

If you have kids there is probably no shortage of items that migrate from their bedroom to every conceivable other room in the house, not to mention finding toothbrushes, outdoor toys and random socks scattered in the most unlikely of places. As any parent knows you choose and pick your battles so asking your child to return every single misplaced item you find is never going get you far. Instead, implement a junk basket for each family member. This way any item that are in the wrong place can be thrown into the appropriate family members junk basket. At the end of the day or week (depending on how messy your family is) each family member takes their junk basket and puts everything back where it belongs. Not only does this prevent you from tripping over all manner of assorted items in the house when your child or spouse inevitability yells “do you know where [insert random bit of stuff here] is” you can tell them to check their junk basket first. Repurpose old cardboard boxes as a trial run before upgrading to a basket or storage box that fits in with you and each of your family members personalities.

Mudroom or area

Having mudroom to get out of shoes and jackets is an increasingly popular item on home buyers wish lists and the attraction is clear. Even if you do not have a purpose but mud room you can improvise one to prevent mud, grass and all manner of other things being tracked through the home by dirty shoes only to then find damp jackets strewn over kitchen chairs or huddled in a heap in some dark corner.  Ideally your area will have wipe clean floor, if carpet is the only option for you consider investing in an outdoor rug to cover the area of carpet you will be using. Periodically you can shake it outside to get rid of debris and even put it in the washing machine should it get really dirty. Have plenty of accessible hooks in your mud are for jackets to be hung up on and make a space for shoes to go. Tension rods placed into books shelves can make the ideal shoe storage racks.

You can combine elements of the junk basket idea and the mudroom to help everyone stay begin and end in a more organised way. Identify hooks for specify items such as school bag and lunch box and use smaller boxes or baskets for people to place their keys and wallets in so they will always know where to find them.

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to more streamlined days!

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