It goes without saying that having a baby is a life-changing experience. After the first 6 months of their life, current recommendations suggest babies be moved to their own room

As babies leave infanthood and become more independent the needs of their room will change as they grow and develop, cribs get replaced with beds, toys change as they age and fairly soon a study area will be required. Just as you wouldn’t expect your four year old to wear the same shoes from when they were two, a toddlers room will not fit the needs of a pre-teen.

Safety First

When it comes to deciding how to adapt a child’s room as they grow the first and foremost consideration must be safety. There are far too many horror stories of children being injured or worse by bedroom furniture that is not properly secured. The importance of stable and safe furniture cannot be underestimated. Toddlers especially love to clamber and climb, ensure that all storage units, chest of drawers and mirrors are firmly secured to walls so they cannot cause an accident.

Infants – Parent & child friendly

An infants room should be a practical space for theirs and your needs. Functional items such as changing tables with lots of storage will make the daily routines a lot easier if you know where to find everything. Having a comfortable place to feed your child will also be helpful. Blackout blinds and a neutral, calming colour scheme can be very helpful in promoting good sleeping habits in your wee one.

Toddlers – Play proof

This age group is finding its way in the world, and play is a vital part of letting little ones develop their sense. Your toddler’s room should provide space for imaginative play, a chalkboard wall is also a great way to encourage self expression.

Young children – Keep an eye on the price

As children get bigger so does their stuff, after all, you can fit many more babygrows or toddler t-shirts into a drawer than 6 year old sized jeans and tops! Having to update your child’s room as they grow can quickly become expensive. Deals I found at Groupon were essential to stopping our budget skyrocketing when it came time to update the family home. 

Pre-teens – Storage options

As I have mentioned, storage in a child’s bedroom is important but as they hit the pre-teen stage and a desk becomes an important part of bedroom furniture, fitting everything in can become more challenging. A raised bed that offer space underneath, like this Pine Midsleeper, is a great space saver that doubles the square footage of the room by taking advantage of vertical space. At this age, your child has well-developed motor skills, making climbing up the ladder to bed an easy and relatively safe task.

Teenagers – Privacy and self-expression

As children enter the teen years they require their own space and this is a great time to encourage positive habits. Ensuring the room is set up to meet their needs and supports their interests can not only provide the space for ever-important studying but also makes it a safe place for them to retreat to from the dramatic ups and downs that puberty can easily bring. If remodelling your teens room is on the cards let them be responsible for sticking to the budget you have to help teach them money management.

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