Ah the humble bathroom, sometimes referred to as the water closet, powder room or less commonly, but sometimes more accurately; the bog of eternal stench! Bathrooms can easily become grimy places that are more leech than luxury. Give your bathroom a makeover that will make it seem almost like a spa with just a few easy adjustments.

Get rid of plastic bottles

Most showers and bathtubs have a variety of different sized and often brightly coloured plastic bottles for bathroom essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath and body lotion. Instead of trying to jam different sized bottles into a uniform space purchase a group of same sized bottles that you can decant all your various products into and then use as dispensers. Your bathroom will immediately look more put together when you get rid of the mish-mash of different bottles. You can apply this method to other bathroom bits and pieces such as earbuds and cotton wool balls. Instead of keeping them in their original packaging make the items a feature by finding a pretty glass jar or even repurposing a rustic looking mason jar with a piece of ribbon to store the items in. By having decanters on hand for products you can look for bulk supplies of regularly used items like liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner. Not only is buying in bulk usually cheaper you will also be helping to reduce the wast of individual plastic bottles.

Have a place for wet towels

The old saying of a place for everything and everything in its place is incredibly accurate for small spaces like bathrooms as they can easily become overrun with mess. Wet towels and odd bits of laundry can be one of the biggest contributors to bathroom mess. Invest in a towel rack if you want to dry towels out between use and if not, be sure to include a laundry hamper or basket for them to go straight into. If the bathroom is regularly used for showers or baths by the family, the hamper will also act as double duty for any bit of clothes that get left lying around.

Make shower time worth it

There is nothing quite as relaxing as feeling the hot water of a shower gently massage your body and refresh you, but wait, what was that? Its the horrid feeling of a cold and damp shower curtain attaching itself to your body because in your hot water bliss you have leaned slightly to close to the edger of the tub! A curved shower curtain pole will make it feel like you have expanded your bathtub nearly two folds. The clever design holds the shower curtain further away from your body allowing you to have a much more relaxing moment. Easy fixes for your shower don’t end there. You may not be able to, or want, to replace your entire shower system but simply replacing the showerhead can make a marked difference to your bathroom experience. Consider adding an essential oil diffuser as well to create a spa-like environment.

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